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Most Memorable Photos From February 2016

A woman dressed in a Japanese traditional kimono walks through her wedding photo session in a field of Rapeseed at Hamarikyu Gardens in Tokyo.

February 8, The seas crash against a pier and a lighthouse in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. High winds buffeted northwestern Europe, leaving one woman in France in a coma after she was hit by a billboard. Electricity was also cut to 5,000 homes in France.

A snow leopard walks in its enclosure after feeding at the Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig, Scotland.

Pilot Akmal Bin Abdul Kahar watches South Korea’s Black Eagles aerobatics team perform a maneuver during an aerial display at the Singapore Airshow at the Changi Exhibition Center.

Members of a Syrian opposition group attack the headquarters of Assad regime forces in the villages of Nubul and al-Zahraa in Aleppo, Syria.

Scientists have for the first time detected gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesized by Albert Einstein a century ago, in a landmark discovery that opens a new window for studying the cosmos. The collision of two black holes is seen in this still image from a computer simulation.

A man stands on top of a hill as ice particle iridescence is seen in high-level Nacreous clouds in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, England. The rare effect is caused by the diffraction of sunlight in the ice crystals that form the Nacreous clouds at high altitudes.

Members of the Chinese community of Glasgow, Scotland, celebrate The Year of The Monkey while dressed in traditional costumes.

A monkey sits in a cage outside a restaurant advertising exotic cuisine in Mong La, Myanmar. Mong La is considered a mostly lawless area where Chinese tourists are able to cross the border for exotic poached animals, gambling, and prostitution.

An art installation by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei consists of life vests worn by refugees and is bound to the columns of the concert house in Berlin, Germany. The life vests were among the thousands discarded by migrants and refugees after they crossed the sea from Turkey to Greece. Up to 80,000 refugees currently live in Berlin and the city is preparing for the likely arrival of 30,000 more in 2016.

A Ugandan riot policeman runs past a burning barricade that was left by angry supporters of opposition leader Kizza Besigye, after he was prevented by police from reaching one of his campaign rallies in Kampala, Uganda. Ugandan police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the crowd and briefly arrested Besigye himself on Monday, raising tensions ahead of elections.

Australian dog trainer and former surfing champion Chris de Aboitiz rides a wave with his dogs off Sydney’s Palm Beach. Aboitiz is using the discipline of surfing as a way of teaching owners to build healthy relationships with their pets.

People throw oranges at each other during the traditional ‘battle of the oranges’ event, held during the carnival in Ivrea, Italy. This event marks the people’s rebellion against tyrannical lords who ruled the town in the Middle Ages.

Rescue personnel help a child rescued at the site where a 17-story apartment building collapsed in Tainan, southern Taiwan, following a strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake that left at least 98 dead.

A road sign warning against pedestrians focusing on their smartphones is pictured on near the old town in Stockholm, Sweden.

A group of koala joeys cling to their mother at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia.

A bride gets her make-up done before the start of a mass marriage ceremony in Kolkata, India.

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning greets Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton after the NFL Super Bowl 50 football game last sunday in Santa Clara, California. The Broncos won 24-10.

Family, friends, and comrades pay their respects during a memorial service for the 12 U.S. Marines who died when their helicopters crashed off the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

A woman decorates a snowman in Times Square in New York City.The Northeast and parts of the South experienced heavy snow and ice from a slow-moving winter storm.

Jackeline, holds her 4-months old son born with microcephaly in Olinda, Brazil. Recent laboratory analyses identified Zika virus infections in three people who died in Brazil last year.

Activists from the group “AnimaNaturalis” protest at the Revolution Monument in Mexico City against bullfighting, demanding that the traditional sport be banned for its treatment of bulls.

Rioters throw bricks at police in the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong. More than 40 police officers and journalists have been injured after a riot with protesters on the first day of Chinese New Year celebrations.

Members of the Shanxi Folk Dance and Music Troupe perform during a rehearsal before a show at the Orient Museum in Lisbon . The show is part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations program of Orient Museum in Lisbon.

An Indian dancer in Amritsar performs a fire breathing act during a procession to mark the 661st anniversary of the birth of Hindu guru Bawa Lal Dayal Maharaj.

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