Steve Evans: Featured Photographer

April 30, 2016

Steve Evans is an award winning international photojournalist, with his work taking him to over 100 countries. His photo coverages receiving awards include a social documentary on Mumbai, South Sudan independence, a series on Congo rebels, a photo documentary on the making of the motion picture The Savior, the war in Ukraine, and human exploitation in Madagascar.


Steve has done a major exhibition in Nicosia, Cyprus with Ghanaian artist Ben Adedipe, and exhibited 24 prints in Brasilia, Brazil, at the invitation of the government there. His images have also been on exhibit two years in a row at the 100 Wonders of the World photo exhibit in St. Petersburg, Russia.


He is considered a Master Photographer by the international Open Show organization, having been invited to a one-man show and lecture at the Bangalore (India) Open Show. His works are featured in publications and websites around the world. 


Ukraine Tank Operator


South Sudan Rebel


South Sudan Portrait


Sierra Leon Portrait


Refugees In Greece


Mozambique Sunrise


Madagascar Warrior


Curious In Bhutan


Congo Rebel


China Portrait


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