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I am a mom to two kids, an electrical engineer, a lighting designer during the day, and a part time self trained photographer during the weekends. I get to enjoy being technical during the day with my full time job and love exploring my creative side during the weekends.

Photography has been a part of my life from a very long time now. ‘Freezing’ the moment in a single picture frame and looking at that later while cherishing those memories on what that photograph meant is a beautiful feeling. Its about capturing these personal moments and turning them into memories … and letting them stay with us forever that matters to me the most. A baby’s first smile, first touch, his/hers kisses, cherishing a beautiful family portrait, cherishing a candid moment, that would last for many decades to come are just some of the things I enjoy doing and take pride in. A lot of my work is outdoors using natural light. While my specialty is candid photography, I also enjoy traditional posed photography. To me - it's a personal expression of what my client prefers while also incorporating my personal style.

View more of Jyo's work at www.makingbeautifulmemoriesphotography.com/home.html

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Stephanie Amber

Stephanie Amber Photography is not only my portfolio, it's yours. I have started this photography blog to highlight local and amateur photographers. Submit your photography to the blog to become our next featured photographer. I am a graphic designer and freelance photographer in the greater Boston area. 


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