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Luis Holden: Featured Photographer

Hi, I’m Luis. I'm a full-time, award-winning, pro photographer and I witness some pretty cool moments every weekend.

I live with Sarah, my gorgeous daughter Amelie and scamp of a son Rui. My little girl Amelie is the best big sister to her brother in the world, always showing her more mischievous younger sibling Rui the right path. Rui is a red-topped ray of sunshine with an adventurous personality. Sarah is my partner of 16 years, the love of my life and amazing mama-bean to my lil' sprouts.

I’m a fan of people, colourful sunsets, big skies, the beauty of nature, the nature of beauty, football, high adventure, family moments, good friends, dynamic architecture, epic histories, my cool children, inspiring autobiographies…I could go on (I probably already have!).

Travelling was / is also a passion of mine and in a previous life I joined the Royal Navy and served for 12 years as a photographer across the globe in settings as diverse as Singapore to Sierra Leone. I did indeed ‘see the world’ and loved the camaraderie and excitement but decided to follow my dream and swap dodging bullets for bouquets a number of years ago.

If you've got a spare moment please scroll below and take a little look at a few pics of my lovely family.

I am based close to the beautiful city of Norwich near the inspiring Norfolk Broads and shoot weddings all over East Anglia, the UK and much, much further afield too.

Moving forwards, keeping it fresh, trying new techniques and having a great time with it all too. Pretty much my ethos. Sarah & Rich have booked me for their wedding next year (its gonna be a cracker…watch this space) and were up for some pics prior to that date; I suggested heading out into into the mean streets of Norwich for some urban portraits and they were totally up for it. So here’s a little piece of what happened… street portraits with a difference, getting low-down with the urban jungle in all its dynamic glory. Enjoy;)

I'm often asked about my style, approach and philosophy to shooting a wedding so here goes with the philosophy piece; just let the day flow naturally and have a great time with it too! Sounds kinda simple and I guess it kinda is!

If my style was to have a few labels attached to it I'll go for anti-cheese, fresh and super-relaxed. Non-traditional labels but then I'm not a traditional style photographer. I push myself hard to create something unique at every wedding and hopefully you'll see a whole lot of this in the blog and the galleries.

The last little bit, my approach; I try and approach a wedding as how I would personally like my own wedding day to be captured. Non-cheesy, full of soul and fresh. Take a look through my imagery if you get the chance. Zero couples looking inanely towards the lens or holding each other in a peculiar way. It's all genuine, all unforced, all authentic. I love it, I really do, I love the morning prep as much as the crazy-cool dance-moves late into the night. Real-life captured with a splash of creativity thrown in too.

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